Opening tourning bridge Grau du roi

Letter to the Mayor of Grau du Roi

Letter to the Mayor of Grau du RoiLetter to the Mayor of Grau du Roi (97.1 Ko)

Short summary of the letter : 

The hours of the rotating bridge have been changed by municipal order from 11 to 19 September 2021 and from 25 to 26 September.

Your order mentions that this decision was taken in consultation with all the interested parties. The boaters of the Port du Roy marina, who are obviously directly affected by this order, were never contacted or consulted.

Although we are attached to the bullfighting festivals in our beautiful region, we note that these activities have no impact on vehicle traffic, especially emergency vehicles; however, we are systematically opposed to this traffic from various emergency services when we ask for an improvement in the opening hours of the bridge to facilitate our traffic between the canal and the sea.

As we wanted to take advantage of this before 1 October, since from that date we are forbidden to go out to sea on Sundays and public holidays, as the bridge is not working, we would have liked to be associated with this decision, and to find times that are more in keeping with our nautical activity.

In the future, we urge you to consult us before taking measures of this type so that we can all work together to find solutions that are truly concerted rather than imposed.


Letter to the Mayor of Aigues-Mortes

Letter to the Mayor of Aigues-MortesLetter to the Mayor of Aigues-Mortes (74.34 Ko)

Short summary of the letter

Most of the owners in this marina have a boat and it seems abnormal not to be able to go out to sea on Sundays and public holidays from 1 October to 31 March.

We are not on the same footing as the boat owners in Port Camargue who can go out every day of the year. We are not asking for anything extraordinary, but perhaps 2 openings per day on the days concerned would be a big step towards a semblance of equity.

Thanking you in advance for your interest in this request, please see what can be done so that we can have access to the sea every day of the year, in a region where even in low season it is possible to "go boating".