Report 2020

A report of the Association's activities in 2020

A few years ago, we identified two weaknesses in the management of the Marina:

1 - Maintaining the contractual depth of the basin.

2 - The maintenance of the sheet pile wall.

1 - Maintaining the contractual depth of the basin.

The Town Hall has filed a legal action before the Administrative Court to force Port Croisade to restore the depth of the basin to its original specifications.

This depth of 2.50 meters is no longer reliable in some areas, and many deposits have been created as a result of alluvium transported along the canal. This creates a danger for maneuvering in safety.

The alluvium continues to be deposited because no settling ponds were built at the entrance to the port  to  prevent it from happening.

We are following this legal action closely and are in regular contact with the Mairie pending the court's decision.

2 - Maintaining the sheet pile wall

Your Association has always considered the maintenance of the sheet pile as critical for the preservation of our property and in order to avoid a disaster such as that experienced by Port Grimaud and other marinas in France.

Nevertheless, our position as owners with a limited legal relationship to Port Crusade restricts our scope of action.

We approached the Mairie and provided them with a dossier on the lack of maintenance of the sheet pile, in order to gain their support in stressing the importance of the preservation of this structure which, should it fail, or should Port Croisade fail, would have severe financial consequences for the Aigues Mortes area.

We were able to put our case, and yesterday received confirmation of the Mairie's intention to request an expert’s opinion of the state of the sheet pile wall before the end of 2020.

Upcoming activities in 2021:

1 - The Association's General Assembly is expected to be held in March 2021

2 - We will continue to monitor the progress of the two critical files mentioned above very carefully and keep you informed on a regular basis.

3 - We are looking into the issues arising from the Malamousque commercial zone. We are trying to ascertain whether the original specifications signed between the developer and the Mairie allowed for a separation and tree- lined zone between the buildings and the marinas.

Any document that could shed light on this subject would be gratefully received.

4 - We hope to be able to organize our annual get-together and listen to your suggestions be it regarding meetings, debates, boating trips or anything else on your mind