Report 2021

A report of the Association's activities in 2021



Dear Members,

This activity and management report will be concise, as we prefer direct exchanges between us to a long tedious text.

Unlike the last two years, we will have the pleasure of meeting face-to-face at our ordinary annual general meeting.

During the year 2021, we have been able to maintain and improve our contacts with the Town Hall of Aigues-Mortes and to continue to work on our two essential and priority axes, namely the dredging of the Port and the expertise on sheet piles. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mayor and his staff for the precious help they have given us.

The Administrative Court has refused the request for a judicial assessment of the sheet piles requested by the Town Hall. On the other hand, the dispute between the Town Hall and Port Croisade concerning the depth and dredging of the Basin is still under appeal. We are impatiently awaiting the outcome, but as we know, French justice is slow. We remain in regular contact with the Town Hall which, aware of the issues at stake, is closely following this case as well as that of the sheet piles.

We have approached the Grau du Roi Town Hall to ask to be consulted beforehand about the opening hours of the lift and swing bridges during the town's festival season. The town hall modifies the opening times as it sees fit, without taking into account the inconvenience that this causes us (see copy of our letter on the Association's website). We have had no response to our letter. Furthermore, we have requested by registered letter with receipt that access to the sea and back should also be possible at weekends in winter. Indeed, at present, during the period from 1 October to 31 March, there is no bridge opening service during weekends. The answer was negative, this refusal being motivated by financial considerations. The Mayor of Aigues Mortes pleaded our case but without success.

The Association continues to work in the interest of the owners and inhabitants of the Marina, and this despite the difficulties linked to the COVID during the last two years. It will continue to follow all the files concerning the life of our marina. It is aware of the management costs appearing in the accounts attached to this report and needs the maximum number of members possible to have sufficient weight to defend our interests.

We are also calling on all our members to join the board in order to bring in new blood and allow a rotation of its members as it is legitimate that some wish to withdraw.

Thank you for proposing your candidacy on the website (

Please also spread the word about the Association as we need new members. Until last year, our British members represented about 40% of the membership, but with BREXIT and COVID, the vast majority of them have sold their villa.

Don't forget to check our website regularly, which we update to include important news, but also to include information on life and culture in Aigues-Mortes, not forgetting some good addresses (

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 6 August 2022 in the Flamingo Room and will aim to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions once the formalities for approval have been completed. It will be followed by a drink. You are all cordially invited. I cannot stress enough the importance of your presence and I thank you in advance.

Done at Aigues-Mortes on 21 July 2022