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Team's message

Cinema reopening and program

Guided tours of the Petit Rhône Reserve

Festival Ecran Libre

Exhibition of comic strips

a must-see  : Les Carrières de Lumières





The Team's Message -October 2021

Dear Friends,

The summer is coming to an end and we hope that you have had a good time despite the not always favorable weather. If some of you have had some nice outings at sea, don't hesitate to share your experiences, we will publish them on the site, which may inspire others...

We were very unpleasantly surprised by the decision of the Grau du Roi townhall to change the timetable of the bridges (lifting and turning ) during their bullfighting festival on the weekends of 12 and 19 September as well as on 25 September... Indeed, the return times have been fixed at 5.15pm instead of 6.30pm, which in itself is already very inconvenient, but even more so when you have organised a sea outing with friends and you learn of this change the day before almost by chance!

We have therefore officially written to the Mayor of Grau du Roi to express our surprise and displeasure at not having been consulted before his townhall decree was issued and have asked him to include us from now on in the discussions prior to taking this type of decision.

We wish you all a good start to the new school year. Take advantage of the beautiful winter days for nice walks on the sea or elsewhere, knowing that as far as navigation is concerned, access to the sea is restricted, the opening of the bridges not being assured on Sundays and public holidays from October 1st to March 31st. Another public service paid for by our taxes and not provided....


Kind regards

Gilles Vautaret and the team




Exhibition of comic strips

 from 1st to 10th October

Saint-Laurent-d'Aigouze town hall council room

Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm / Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm / Sunday from 10am to 12pm.


From 25 October to 5 November

Palais des sports et de la culture du Grau-du-Roi

during the opening hours of the establishment.


From 6 to 21 November

André-Chamson multimedia library in Aigues-Mortes

Opening hours: Tuesday from 2pm to 6pm - Wednesday from 9am to 6pm - Thursday from 2pm to 6pm - Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 7pm - Saturday from 9am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 5:30pm.

Original work on the Camargue territory by Guillaume Mazurage

Mini fiction called Terres de sel (Lands of salt) of eight coloured plates retracing a day of holidays with two children who came to discover the Camargue with their grandparents


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Festival Ecran Libre

 from 5th to 7th November

Cinema Marcel Pagnol

7 short film screenings, one long film


Free entrance


Association grand Ecran pour Tous
9 Rue Victor Hugo 30220 AIGUES-MORTES
Contact :06 73 66 00 90
Mail : grandecranpourtous@wanadoo.fr

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The Association Grand Ecran pour Tous is looking for accommodation (2 days) for the participants of the festival and for the members of the jury, if you know or have a possibility of accommodation contact  : 06 73 66 00 90 or write to :  grandecranpourtous@wanadoo.fr


Une vue de port du roy


Reopening of the Marcel Pagnol cinema

After long months of works, the Marcel Pagnol cinema reopens on Thursday 21st October at 9 pm with a preview screening of "Time of Secrets", adaptation of the third volume of Marcel Pagnol's childhood memories. In presence of Marcel Pagnol's grandson.

Programme reopeningProgram reopening (2.83 Mo)

Program 23th October to 2d NovemberProgram 23th October to 2d November (8.38 Mo)

The bridge - Marina Port du Roy

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