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Cinema November 2021

5th Aigues-Mortes Comics Festival

Exhibition of comic strips

a must-see  : Les Carrières de Lumières





The Team's Message -December 2021

Dear Friends,

This month's editorial is full of news, good and not so good. As we announced last month, the Bureau of the Association was received by the Mayor and his Legal Officer in order to take stock of the issues that concern us. This meeting was very constructive and rich in information. We would like to thank our interlocutors for their availability and their attention.

One piece of bad news concerns the SNCF bridge. We did not know it, but this bridge is strictly reserved for SNCF employees and access to it is in principle forbidden to pedestrians. The SNCF bridge operator let us pass out of kindness, but if there had been the slightest accident, the SNCF would have been responsible and so would he. We were told that this bridge is in a very bad state and that repairs must be made quickly, because there is a possibility that the stone structure on the town side could collapse and filling in the existing hole on the town bank is not enough to repair it. The SNCF must therefore make these safety improvements, and we all know what the finances of this company are like... It is therefore reasonable to assume that the work will not be carried out in the near future. In any case, it is not clear that the SNCF will allow pedestrian access...

More encouraging news concerns the burnt-out warehouses on the Terres de Camargue ZAC. The demolition permit has been granted, and there is no longer any question of warehouses. Once the site has been cleared, it will be turned into a village of artisans, who will not compete with the city's artisans. This promises to be very attractive for the people of Aigues-Mortes and the surrounding towns. However, it will take about two years to see this project through to completion.

As for the so-called "Provence" bridge (the bridge opposite the SNCF station), it will be demolished and then rebuilt. The work will take place from January to June 2022. The water pipes, among other things, will be refurbished and will now run under the canal. For pedestrians who want to cross from one bank to the other, a mini-bus shuttle system will be set up. This is not an ideal solution, but the implementation of a boat passage from one bank to the other, i.e. about 15 metres, as envisaged by the Town Hall, is not feasible due to safety constraints, unless colossal and costly work is carried out. We will therefore suffer six months of inconvenience, but this work is imperative and must be carried out quickly or the bridge will collapse...

Concerning the Marina, the good news is that the Town Hall has won the case against the Port Croisade Company concerning the dredging of the water. However, the judgement is not final, as Port Croisade has appealed against the decision. The court decision stipulates that the Port Croisade Company is under a penalty of €500 per day if the work is not carried out within four months of the judgement, and a penalty of €200 per day, within one month, to mark out the high points. This last deadline has now largely passed and to our knowledge, nothing has been done to date... Let us hope that one day Port Croisade will assume its responsibilities and proceed, as it was planned to do from the beginning, to the dredging of the basin which, with time, is inexorably silting.

On the extremely sensitive subject of sheet piling, the Town Hall is well aware of the issue, namely that these elements have a limited life span and that repairs will one day be necessary. It is the responsibility of Port Croisade, as a good manager of the Port, to set aside provisions from the substantial annual charges that we pay, in order to be able to carry out the work when it becomes necessary for the good conservation of our marina. We will continue to follow this matter closely and will keep you informed of future developments. The crucial question that concerns us is whether Port Croisade has made these provisions as mentioned in the lease signed with the Town Hall, and if so, how much has been set aside to date? For the time being, we do not have any information to answer this question, as Port Croisade does not communicate on this subject, and this information is not public.

We hope that the above information will be useful to you. We will always be at your side to protect our marina capital, so please support us and join our Association so that it is even more representative and therefore stronger. Thank you in advance.

We wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Kind regards

Gilles Vautaret and the team





11 December - 8.30pm

"3 Ruptures" by Rémy de Vos

directed by Toni Cafiero

André-Chamson Media Library

Free entrance


Tel. :04 66 73 14 22

3 ruptures

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14 December - 6.30pm

"Les liaisons dangereuses" by Choderlos de Laclos

André-Chamson Media Library

Lecture given by Dominique Triaire, Paul Valéry University

Free admission


Tél. :04 66 73 14 22

Laclos by quentin de la tour

 17 décembre - 18h30

Centre Socioculturel Municipal

"Antre magique et sorcellerie" par Claude Delsol 

Réservation obligatoire

TARIFS : de 2,50 € à 5,00 €

Adresse  : Rue Émile Zola


Tél. :04 66 73 14 22

Potion cuisine sorciere ecole magie personnage fantastique enchanteresse mignonne chapeau costume cape se tenant au chaudron bouillant dans salle classe etageres objets magiques il


Une vue de port du roy

The bridge - Marina Port du Roy

Carol8 1