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The Team's Message - October 2023

Dear Friends,

We hope you've had a great summer, but now it's time to start thinking about the maintenance of our boats, overhauls, antifouling, and all the other goodies...

As you probably know, the contract between VNF and Port Croisade for the opening of the port on the canal includes a renegotiation clause every 17 years, and this will be the case in 2024. Port Croisade's contribution to VNF, currently €40,000, is set to rise sharply, and could be multiplied by 4. This increase would be linked to Aigues-Mortes being labelled a "tourist town" (we are going to contact the town hall for confirmation). Port Croisade will obviously be discussing this with VNF. We will be asking Port Croisade to send us the final invoice for its fees to VNF, as well as this year's invoice. Of course, this will not affect our Port Croisade contract, only the increase in the TP02 index.

The good news is that this year the TP02 index has not risen, and from August 2022 to July this year it even fell (132.10 in August 2022 and 131.10 in July this year, August is not yet known but the index seems to be on a downward slope).  So there will be no increase this year and, with a bit of luck, even a small fall. As you also know, it was agreed to negotiate this TP02 index with Port Croisade on the basis of a maximum increase of 2% and with a possible complete drop in the index, which seems to be the case this year. We will continue to be vigilant about the evolution for 2025, and Port Croisade would not be against a new negotiation of the index in the event of too strong an increase. We hope that this index will give us some breathing space in future years.

We wish you all a good start to the new season, and thank you once again for your confidence.

Kind regards

The President of the Association and Board of Directors





From 20th September to 4th October.

Capucins Chapel

Collect Off painting & sculpture

Exhibition by 4 artists from Aigues-Mortais

Press release

Free admission



Visuel exposition collect off 2023 16046


20230806 070647Porte de la Gardette - Aigues-Mortes


 7th to 22nd October

Capucins Chapel

"Jour de fête"

2nd edition of the "journée en fête" exhibition

Free admission

Video Screening "Jour de fête 2: Yesterday and Today"

Tuesday 17 October at the southern ramparts. Free admission

Visuel exposition jour fete 2 2023 16156

Exhibition NATURA

until 15 November

Towers and ramparts of Aigues Mortes


Groups : Adults (min. 20 pers.) : Visit 6.5 €/pers
School groups (30 students, unguided): €40
Additional charge

Free for under-26s from the European Community (excluding school and after-school groups)



Img 20200210 151213

Traditional Festival of Aigues-Mortes

From 07 to 15 and 20, 21 and 22 October 2023

Abrivados, bandidos, and bulls run in the plan ( southern wall)

Detailed programme of the Festival

Free entry

379101092 329954509597937 3740191454895760974 n

Une vue de port du roy

Ornitho Photo Workshops at the Ornithological Park

dates from 5 February to 5 November

Sunday 5 February from 07:10 to 10:40

Sunday 5 March from 06:30 to 11:00

Sunday 2 April from 06:30 to 11:00

Monday 8 May from 05:40 to 10:10 - 8 May weekend

Friday 14 July from 05:30 to 10:00

Monday 14 August from 06:00 to 10:30

Sunday 3 September from 06:20 to 10:50

Sunday 5 November from 6.45am to 11.15am

Img 20200210 150644

photo session followed by an ornithological initiation with a Park guide.

Breakfast is offered on site in front of the ponds with the pink flamingos.

Everyone can stay the whole day in the Park or go out and come back.

Price: Photographers: 120€ - Non-photographers: 60

Reservation : 

Photo and Ornitho Workshop - Oiseaux de Camargue

20230806 065840

La Tour Constance et le Pont Rouge - Aigues- Mortes