Why join us ?

The Marinas de Port du Roy are organized around co-ownerships and Free Trade Union Associations (ASL) whose purpose is to manage the collective property of the owners.

There is no legal entity grouping together all the co-owners able to think and manage the Marinas as a whole.

Our marinas form a residential complex organized around a marina and this complex is located in an urban area along Avenue de la Mont-Joye (Aigues-Mortes).

This urban territory is the first vision that is offered to us, to the Aigues-Mortais of which we are also part, to tourists and visitors.

Our common interest is to have control over the external appearance of Port du Roy.

The various co-ownerships cannot act on the entire Marina Port du Roy or control its image, neither can they manage the port and its surroundings.

The first residents therefore created the Association Marina Port du Roy to remedy these obscure areas where no one could intervene in the name of the collective interest.

Our Association is created within the legal framework of an association law of 1901 (a French law about associations), apolitical and only concerned with preserving and even improving both the installations and the image of the Marinas Port du Roy.

The strength of such an association vis-à-vis its partners and interlocutors is to be representative because it regroups any person wishing to join, whether owner, tenant or simply, Aigues-Mortais without limitation other than the person's desire to adhere to its corporate purpose.

It is a force of propositions and also possibly of constraint because it can sue within the framework of its statutes.

Joining the Association means giving yourself the means to preserve your investment in all areas that are not the responsibility of the co-ownerships, such as the management of the port and its surroundings up to the sea, including the hours of passage to the Grau du Roy, the maintenance of the port in good condition and the management of the surroundings of the Avenue de la Mont-Joye.

Volunteers are involved in the Association for the good of all and without exception because the benefits of the actions undertaken reflect on all owners and residents. They need your financial support, your comments and suggestions and also a little of your time if you can. Joining the Association is an act of good management. Please join us. How to join us