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Communication of the non-profit organisation "Les Chemins Libres de Camargue" (The Free Ways of the Camargue)

The 07/11/2020

Good morning ,

The COVID has serious repercussions on the work of our association, as you must have realised... We had quite a few projects this spring: the identification of hikes, paths... the participation in the pilgrimage between Aigues Mortes and Les Saintes on May 24th, bicycle and horse riding... The confinement has taken away these prospects that were nipped in the bud. We were planning to call a general assembly at the beginning of the new school year and to relaunch some of these objectives... and now a new confinement has interrupted our actions.

This e-mail is therefore just to inform you that the association is still alive, that it still has plans to: - make an inventory and to open communal paths, - identify and share hiking itineraries, on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or in horse-drawn carriages - organise hikes with these means of locomotion As soon as the confinement is lifted we will convene the general assembly and we will plan two hikes, one in the small Camargue, the other around Les Saintes.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to send us your proposals or remarks. They will be welcome. Don't hesitate either to talk about the association around you, we need correspondents everywhere in the Camargue,

Jean-Luc Coulon - Chairman:Tel. 0652099057

Marie Arnaudet - Secretary: Tel.0648406154

Isabelle Secretan - Treasurer: Tel.0632150120

Free Ways of the Camargue - Les Chemins Libres de Camargue

193 rue des Tellines - 30220 Aigues-Mortes