River régulation

Maritime prefecture decree 2024 concerning speed limits in the Port Camargue sandbank area

In summary (original on the French version https://www.asso-marina-portduroy.fr/pages/informations-nautiques/reglementation-fluviale.html):

In the part of the Gulf of Aigues-Mortes located outside the administrative limits of the port of Port-Camargue, the speed of registered ships and craft, including personal watercraft, is limited to 10 knots beyond the 300-metre coastal strip in the area bounded by the coastline joining points A and B, segment [BC], the coastline joining points C and D, and segments [DE] and [EA]. The geodetic coordinates of the above points are as follows:
Point A: 43°31276' N004°07293' E
Point B: 43°30649' N004°06981' E
Point C: 43°30648' N004°06946' E
Point D: 43°30540' N004°06615' E
Point E: 43°31193' N004°06769' E
Infringements of this order will render their perpetrators liable to prosecution and the penalties provided for in articles L.5242-2 and L.5243-6 of the French Transport Code.


Opening times for the bridges at Grau du Roi.

Short summary - original on the French version (https://www.asso-marina-portduroy.fr/pages/informations-nautiques/reglementation-fluviale.html)


From 1st Monday in April to 1st Sunday in October


Monday to Friday
08h00 - 10h30 - 12h30 - 14h00- 18h30

Saturday and Sunday and Public holidays


Every day

07h45 - 10h1O - 16h00- 18h45

Any fisherman or yachtsman involved in an entry or exit process will ensure, whenever necessary, to stop all movement to allow the reopening of the bridges to road traffic at the request of the Gendarmerie, the Municipal Police or the Fire Brigade, obliged to intervene on the road for an imperative reason involving the protection of people or property.

The Marina Port du Roy Association wrote to the VNF on 1st August 2014 to ask if there was a tolerance for the Marina's boaters allowing them to reach Aigues-Mortes without a license or a river sticker. We reproduce below the response of VNF dated 3rd November 2014:

"The tolerances you mention do not exist and would be contrary to the rules in force".

Controls are rare, but in the absence of a river permit, in the event of a collision with a boat or damage to persons, their insurance companies would be likely to refuse contractual coverage.

We therefore recommend that Port du Roy boat owners who are not entitled to hold a free river license or an approved school boat, comply with the regulations and purchase one.

We recommend purchasing the vignette online at: vnf.fr/vignettesVNF

The river license

Information taken from the site:   service-public.fr

The pleasure license (boat license) option inland waters, allows driving on rivers, lakes and canals. It is also called a river license.

This license is valid for boats:

- with a power output of more than 4.5 kilowatts, (six horsepower)

- and less than 20 meters long

To drive longer boats, it is necessary to obtain the extension.

large pleasure boat inland waters.

This license is also required to pilot, in inland waters:

- a motorboat (VNM),

- or a sailboat less than 20 meters long with a motor of more than 4.5 kilowatts.


The registration file can be withdrawn and submitted:

- or directly with the instructors responsible for the yachting license,

- or at the chosen training institution (which will forward it to the appropriate instructor service).

Where to go for help?

- Delegation for the sea and coastline (former Directorate of Maritime Affairs)

- Department for the pleasure license and registration of an overseas vessel

- The registration file must include the following documents:

- Registration request form;

- Color passport photo;

- Tax stamp for the registration for the examination for an amount of 38 €;

- Tax stamp for the issuance of the 70 € permit unless you already have the coastal option yachting permit;

- Photocopy of an identity document;

- Form relating to the certificate of physical fitness less than 6 months old.

The exam is a MCQ that includes 30 questions that are answered using an electronic box. Five errors are tolerated to obtain the license.


The topics raised:

Traffic rules and knowledge of the environment,

Visual signaling (marking)

Audible signal,

Boat signage,

The engine, mandatory equipment, safety and prevention rules.

You must buy your tax stamps directly online on the website: stamps.taxes.gouv.fr

For those who do not hold a sea license, at the end of the practical training, the training institution issues a certificate of success. This certificate is a provisional driving license for motorized pleasure craft valid for one month, pending the issue of the final pleasure craft license.

The yachting license is then issued on presentation of supporting documents by the prefect of the department in which the instructing department of the license application has its headquarters.

For the candidate who does not have an apprenticeship booklet because he or she is exempt from practical training, a document validating his or her success is issued by the instructor service that registered the registration for the pleasure craft license.)

Address to call:

 DDAM 34 (Direction départemental des affaires maritimes)

16 rue Hoche - Sète

Tel: 04 34 34 46 46 60 00