The Association Marina Port du Roy was created on April 24, 2008 and its registration was effective on May 3, 2008 after publication at JOAFE, (French Official Journal of Corporate Associations and Foundations)

The Association is managed by a Board of Administration and an Executive Committee.

The Members of the Board of Administration électided during the General Meeting held on 1rst May 2021


Anita Brunel,

Carol Golder,

Jean-Luc Musso,

Erik Dalbiez,

Gilles Vautaret

Pierre Desabaye


The Members of the Executive Committee :

President::  Gilles Vautaret,

Treasurer: Jean-Luc Musso,

Secretary: Anita Brunel

Excerpts from the statutes of the Association Marina Port du Roy

Article 1: Name

An Association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of 16 August 1901, is founded between the members accepting its present statutes, under the name of : MARINA PORT DU ROY.

Article 2: Subject Matter

The purpose of this association is to represent its members both with the developer, and/or its representatives of the Marina-City Port du Roy, as well as public authorities and any natural or legal person who has been involved for any reason whatsoever in the establishment, construction, operation, maintenance, impoundment and communication of the basin with the canal, including, but not limited to, the French Waterways (VNF), the company Argos and the company Port Croisade.

The Association also has the objective of valorising and promoting the Marina, developing relations between its members and the inhabitants of the Marina, including those who are not members, as well as organising any event of a cultural, sporting, educational, informative, commercial or other nature, in any place of its choice.

To represent all the collective interests of its members, particularly with regard to the conditions for the development and management of this Marina-City.

This association may sue in the name and for the defence of the collective interest forming part of its corporate purpose.

Article 5: Composition

 The association is composed of active members, natural or legal persons.

Article 9: Board of Directors

The association is managed by a Board of Directors composed of members elected for one year by the General Assembly.