Windy, downloadable on android and iOS, is, unlike Météo France and Météo Consult, a weather site that works without meteorologists.

It is made up of a small team of wind fanatics based in Prague.

The site operates through online donations such as Wikipedia.

It uses Grib files, which are standard and coded format files of meteorological and oceanographic data.

The weather information available on this site is very complete and very visual.

Without any weather experience, the site allows to follow the evolution of a disturbance and its trajectory.

The windy menu is accessible by pressing the air bag. It proposes several forecast models and gives for each of them, by clicking below on the entry: "about these models", the update times and a comment on the origin of the model and its qualities.

All you have to do is choose your model and the forecast is then established, it can be compared with the other models over a 10-day period. Beyond three days, a weather forecast loses its accuracy, especially in the Mediterranean and near the coast.

Wind strength is measured at a height of 10 metres and averaged over 10 minutes.

This wind being average, the gusts can be much higher than the indication given.

This site is a very pleasant addition to use with Météo France and Météo Consult.

We used it during a three-month trip in the Balearics and were able to test its reliability, we didn't catch it wrong.


Gilles Roudillon