expert report of piles and analysis of it

Port du roy rapport expert mars 2019Port du roy rapport expert mars 2019 (1.88 Mo)

Analyse du rapprt d inpection des palplanchesAnalyse du rapprt d inpection des palplanches (162.48 Ko)


 Summary of the analysis of the expert report of 4 March 2019 entitled "preventive surveillance".

Please find below the reasons why we reject the conclusions of this report and are asking the Town Hall of Aigues-Mortes for a legal appraisal of the state of the sheet pile walls after 15 years in the water.

- The same expert is acting on behalf of both the Town Hall  and Port Croisade. It would be preferable to appoint two experts.

- No indication is given as to the date of inspection of the Signus device which measures the thickness of the sheet piles

- The base thickness of the sheet piles shown is different from one inspection to another, despite being carried out by the same expert.

- No diagram or plan has been provided to show the manufacturer of the sheet piles, their original thickness, the material used, its’ durability, its’ suitability with the ground soil.

- The number of checkpoints is seriously inadequate.

- The checkpoints were chosen by Port Croisade.

- These checkpoints are different from those chosen for the previous surveys, which means we cannot track the changes to the same sheet pile between two surveys.

- The report has been accepted by the Town Hall and having done so, they have thereby ruled out the option in the future to bring a claim against Port Croisade regarding their maintenance of the sheet piles.

- The Expert notes: abnormally large number of sheets detaching themselves.

- The Expert concludes that there is a clear process of loss of metal.

- The various expert surveys carried out have all been conducted in such a way as to make it impossible to ascertain the condition of the sheet pile walls in the Marina and their expected lifespan (50 years is the contractual lifespan).